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Chi Mandala created by Ems - Reiki and Counselling Services in person and online

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Energy Therapy

Therapeutic Energy Work

What is Energy Therapy?

Chi Mandala created by Ems - Reiki and Counselling Services in person and online

Here at Chi I use a combination of Reiki and Counselling techniques, with an added bonus of scientific knowledge about what energy is, and how our brain works. With my experience I will guide you to improve your well-being in a safe and holistic way.


I will be honest, this is a healing space, so if you are struggling with anything, this is the place for you. 


You will create a framework that helps you focus on your self-development. Through practice, you can continue to raise your vibration to a higher frequency too.

You will leave with a stronger faith in yourself. You will also find compassion and the facts to ground you.


As a Reiki Master-Teacher & Counsellor I can guide you through the process and help you create habits for a lifetime.

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Energy Therapy


energy work'





Emily is the kindest, warmest, and most skilled Reiki healer. She is very intuitive - she was able to discern what I needed within each session and adjusted her approach accordingly. I trust Emily and her instincts implicitly, and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to connect with a warm and gifted healer!

Book your free 15 min consultation


Work with me one-to-one, in a calm and relaxing space. Your sessions will be tailored to suit your needs and will be guided to facilitate your healing.

Connect with me so can you learn and explore more about what your soul is saying. Find yourself in a safe space where you can gain more clarity and guidance.


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